Aether Auto Product Certifications

Super Natural Auto Care.  

As founder of Aether Auto, I realized that the average American spends more than 290 hours per year in their car. That's over 12 full days!  Now with two small children myself, I wanted to provide the cleanest and healthiest environment I could for them, anywhere and everywhere, even while in the car. Shouldn't you care about what you're breathing during all of that car time too?

Aether Auto is the world's first and only certified USDA organic car air freshener and deodorizer.  

Gaining USDA organic certification status is an ethical business move. However, it's not enough to simply claim "organic." You must make sure that your products meet the requirements to carry the certified USDA Organic seal.

As a brand owner and marketer developing organic products, Aether Auto qualifies for this distinction. All of our products meet the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. This list tells you which synthetic and non-synthetic substances may or may not be used in your organic production and handling operations. 

Aether Auto made the time-consuming, expensive and long-term commitment to the organic process in order to bring the world’s first and only organic car air freshener to the marketplace so you can experience having a healthy clean space in the interior of your car. 

Aether Auto has been through numerous and rigorous testing and is proud to bear a number of other product certifications. 



Certified organic products contain ingredients that are at least 95% organically produced.  Such products are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, GMOs. antibiotics and artificial hormones.



Products that are non-GMO verified means they have not been made with or contaminated by organisms in a laboratory using modified or engineering techniques. The Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program is one of several national third-party verification programs for non-GMO food and other            agriculture products.  



Products that are Leaping Bunny approved are guaranteed      cruelty-free and not tested on animals.  The program is        partnered with eight national know animal protection groups in order to maintain a single, comprehensive standard.  



MOSA partners with companies, including Aether Auto, to work together throughout the certification process to determine compliance with the USDA National Organic Standards.   


Aether Auto promises to provide you with the most natural and organic products that are available as Aether Auto’s mission is to create a healthy clean space in the interior of your car. We will strive to continue to meet each and everyone one of these certification requirements, as well as bring new certified organic products to you over time.

Aether Auto’s mission is to create a healthy clean space in the interior of your car. 

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